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After surfing this community over the past year, I finally made an attempt at building my very own space bucket! My design was mostly based off builds by /u/budsforever and /u/geehard, and is still a work in progress.


180W Apollo UFO LED light, secured on the inside of the bucket to the lid. I reversed the fan so that air is pulled through the light and exhausts out of the top. I'm also using 5m 5630 Warm White LED strips.
Four 80mm computer fans, two intake and two exhaust. The fans vary in speed, and I initially intended to construct carbon filters over the two exhausts. I've since learned and found that these fans are definitely not strong enough to push/pull air through a proper carbon filter.
Mylar interior, Plasti-dipped exterior. I like the look of the plasti-dip, although it needs a couple more coats. I sanded down the buckets first, and had a couple issues with it peeling where I made additional holes in the bucket after spraying. The mylar is secured using spray adhesive.