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Check out my hybrid LED/CFL Space Tote! This build is still work in progress, but I think it looks really rad! I also made this GIF showing it in motion.
I am using stacked totes, as I want a bit more room for my plants. The inside of the containers is painted white, I used plastic white primer spray paint. I found that Semi-gloss works better than flat, and gloss probably works best of the bunch.


I am using 2x23wCFL bulbs in combination with a 132w MarsHydro LED light, along with 5 meters of 5630SMD LED strips. This should be more than enough to grow my plants and keep them happy. The LED can probably work on its own, but I'm experimenting with supplemental CFLs. We'll see how it works! As the pictures show, the LED light is held in place by a simple carabineer hook. I also have an extra set of LED strips which I will add when the time is right, probably during the crucial stages of flowering.


For the ventilation configuration I have two AC Infinity 120 mm exhaust fans that should take care of the heat from the lights, plus a passive intake. That is some pretty powerful airflow, but I'm not sure how this will work out, so I'm planning on tossing in one or two intake fans. I'll keep tweaking my build as I get more information about its performance.

Wish me luck bucketeers!