K.I.S.S Stealth

Testing out a stealth-as-possible, super simple and cheap prototype that was the barest of basics with nothing complicated for a complete novice like soldering etc; involved. By using LED bulbs instead of CFLs, I can get away with using a USB cabled laptop cooling pad ($12cdn) as the fan, installed in the top, facilitating rising warm air to escape. I haven't used a themometer as of yet, but the temperature stays pretty even and the plants seem happy. I have 2 small additional USB fans I found, but haven't felt the need to add them. The entire thing runs on 64watts (equivalent to just over 1 standard lightbulb) or less (power used for USB laptop cooling pad couldn't be determined, so I went with the highest estimate I could fnd). This is really good for anyone who has a landlord who keeps a strict eye on your hydro usage! I am going to upgrade to 100w LED daylights, (using 60watt daylight LED bulbs currently), as soon as a store near me stocks them, but I also wanted to complete one full cycle with the bare minimum just to see what the end result will be. (I used regular seeds and 3 of the first seedlings turned out to be males. Will update pics when 1st plant is done). I bought 2 worklights (on sale for $12/ea), 2 light adapters $3/ea, 1 laptop cooling pad fan $12, I had the totes laying around and the duct tape was the most costly item of the whole build. I added velcro around the fan so a dryer sheet could be attached to help cover the smell. I also had some left-over red reflector stickers and figured why not, couldn't hurt, lol. Drilled holes in the bottom and laid down cut pieces of plant container drying pads to increase air circulation from below after removing the container bottoms, which I stacked in the centre and covered in foil to reflect light upwards. Inside divider, top half and the lid are all separate pieces that are removeble for easy access. (anything crooked in the pics taken during the build got straightened out afterwards).