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ContainerStacked boxes

Hello bucketeers! Thank you Commander Ekrof for inventing the Space Bucket and for creating the friendliest gardening site in the galaxy. And thank everyone in the community for all the fun I had building my buckets.


I started small with materials I had at home: a 12 liters bucket, with bottom removed (which fitted exactly on the inner rim of a 5 liters pot), another 12 liters bucket (just slightly wider than the first one), which made a nice spacer. Holes in the lid, 3x20w warm white LED bulbs, 5 meters of 5050SMD LEDs, PVC elbows for light traos, and a small PC fan (6cm). First try yielded 35g, no topping no LST (Syrup Autoflower). I rapidly exhausted my stock of buckets by building two more, and then I started on a new project.


After two weeks of brainstorming, hours lurking in the DIY shop (comparing air ducts, water ducts, power strips), I came up with The Dark Tower: it isn't a bucket, nor a brute, however this qualifies as a "small container" and is 100% relevant to the Bucket Philosophy. I used stackable boxes (36x26cm 22cm height), with flat inner sides. Lined the inside with Mylar and 5630SMD LEDs. The lower box has two 10cm passive intake with PVC elbows. The second box has a 10cm watering hole, very useful as I don't have to take out the plant (or rather take away the boxes) every time I water. The top box contains one UFO light (85w), one home made carbon filter (recycling a silencer for air ducts), and a line extractor. Later I added 2x20w LED bulbs.