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I built my bucket about five months ago and it was the basic black out bucket with five cfls. I just upgraded to a UFO with light strip and after some tinkering have finally stabilized the temperature! I'm pretty happy with what I hope is my final design... for now. My theme is minimal wiring because I am very scared of electronics and fires. Ironically my husband is becoming an electrical engineer. He has promised me a bad ass light setup when he is done with school!

The light top is two spacers with the UFO LED light set on top of the lid and duct taped on. The lid is not sealed to the exhaust spacers so I can easily peek in. The UFO is an Apollo 180 watt and a LED light strip. The light baffles are good at their job and this baby is pretty much light tight. I also have what I affectionately refer to as, the baby bucket. It is made from a 30lb cat litter pail plus spacer, has passive exhaust, and a plug and go PC fan.