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Container5gal buckets

Lighting180w UFO

Airflow8x8 fans

The photon ph*ck phest comes with a 180 watt Apollo UFO LED. That's right, and boy can that baby cook! Can you feel that vibration deep in your chest? We call that the 'Tesla touch'! We like to keep this little ray of sunshine at least 10 inches above the canopy, because y'know. Sun. Running 18 hours a day, the photonic reflective array inside keeps most of the radiation inside! We sure do love those lab geeks! Where would we be without 'em!
The "High Tech" space bucket fan adapter (comes in horizontal or vertical) puts the finishing touches on the chassis. Lookit those clean lines, the mostly-safe honeycomb photon shielding with stanky brand carbon filters. The fan adaptor is sure to be a conversation stopper at social gatherings! After awhile that sound is almost soothing.

This set-up was for ease of construction as well as ease of repair. I hope to make these for friends and family - making these is so much fun and a great way to relax. However, not everyone I know is savvy about making stuff, so this had to be easy-peasy to repair or replace. Entreps' fan adapters are freaking brilliant. And the light leakage was far less than my previous two Space Buckets built from scratch. I am sold on the theory and practice of these additions to the Space Bucket community. I can order all the parts and assembly line assemble one of these easily with these parts.

The following is parody text only. My bucket is not for sale! My wife would kill me, she has plans for it already.


Welcome to the presentation of the Techno-Viking Space Bucket Variant III based on OpenSORCE Space Bucket Reddit Technology. Just take a moment and look closely at our many features provided to ensure you cannot 'Blame The Bucket' for over-watering or over-feeding the plant inside. You'll find we spare no expense in top-of-the line products with the "High Tech" Space Bucket Fan Adapter. Nothing says, "I have disposable income" more than buying something you can make for darn near free. Let's take a closer look at a few of its features, shall we!

The Techno-Viking Space Bucket Variant III comes equipped with standard Space Bucket HEETSINKSpacers, Space Bucket Body Assembly with Fan Adaptor and Mostly-Safe Honeycomb Photon Shielding, STRIPower Electrical Array using barelyReach Design Technology, and COVERME Space Bucket Lid using 'Dammitmyfingers' grip technology. And we put the beacon in the lighthouse with UFO 'It'll Fit' 180 watt Apollo LED array. Come on over and take a look at the interior.


Get it? SPACE-ious. Because it is a Space Bucket so I emphasized 'space' so you would see this is a 'Space' Bucket with a lot of 'space' inside of it. But not like, 'TARDIS-more-space' but like 'spacious-enough-you-could-put-in-like-a-3-gallon-bucket-with-enough-room-to pinch-your-fingers-really-bad-space'. How's that for leg room, eh?! Drainage is provided along with a 'SUKKIT' Polyester Cable to ensure your plant gets its drink on! With a sleek Hellenist Marble Pillar design and a touch of modern Stormtrooper finish, this bad boy gives the air of gypsy-tinker sophistication as soon as you walk into the living room and lay eyes upon it. Nothing says 'I was just following orders' more than that black-and-white Stormtrooper style and design.


The Techno-Viking Version III Space Bucket hits the racquetball out-of-the-court with modular 'Plug-and-Play' design! This ensures you are able to pay someone to get things back up and running quickly should your equipment fail. Which is like, hardly ever if never at all. I mean never, really. Like never happened. Not even once. Ever. And the odds of this ever occuring are like less than one percent repeating. It's that good. The entire power array is controled in back with a state-of-the-art, top of the line model power conduit with active modular design for additional accessories.


Feel how that vibration has turned into a painful hum deep in your chest? That's not chest pain! That's not dubstep! That's the result of thousands of particles of air exchange beating the crap out of the photons bouncing around inside. Think of a mosh pit but with tiny, super-clean, non-sweaty balls of light bouncing off the walls while the airy club bouncers are taking their lunch money. Your plants are going to love it! Tesla sure did!
We want to plant spinach and onions for over the winter. We are talking about broccoli as well, and I'm wondering if the LEDs will have the same stretch-negating effect on it as it does on the marijuana plants cooking inside. We are also looking into a Potato Bucket as well. She grew outdoors this year with the stacking method, placing hay around the stem as it grows to provide more arena for tuber development all the way up. Basically a Space Bucket without fans below, just drainage. (You water it top-down.) CFLs or a UFO LED and a spacer with venting is all needed. Just stack it up as it grows.