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This section contains tips and variations on the basic Space Bucket design.

LED buckets

Space Buckets can be upgraded with a LED spotlight, which is also easy to make and relatively cheap. There are many types of LED lights. You can use UFO LED lights for your buckets, as they fit perfectly on the lid. The module used in this quick guide is a 3x3w High-Power LED module, warm white. The resulting LED thing can be used to focus light on a specific part of the plant. Modules and instructions may vary. Future updates will focus on this technology.

The image below explains the procedure: take the module and attach a passive cooler (with thermal paste). Connect cables to a 12v power supply with the proper amperage. Finished!

 Be sure to also check out the Growing Techniques section for tips on how to keep the plants happy and green.

Watering system

You can also update your Space Bucket with a simple watering system that uses gravity to push water out of a hose. This album shows one of the possible designs: the basic idea is to make a hole on the side of the bucket and put some kind of hose through it, making sure that the angle will allow the water to flow. A cointaner and a valve is added to control the amount of water used.


Light-top variations

You can also play with light-top designs. This is one type of (unstacked) light-top with 138w.This album shows one of the possible configurations with stacked bulbs, in this case reaching 192w (not recommended). With this much wattage, a more powerful fan will be needed to extract the heat from the bulbs. A 220v fan can be mounted on the light-top for this purpose.