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This is a cheap and effective design for seedlings and clones created by /u/SuperAngryGuy (also known as the Bucket Scientist).

Don't over pay for something that costs less than $10 to make and will likely work better than commercial products. This DIY seedling bucket is what I use. The key is to make a bucket lid with a 40 watt equivalent bulb for clones or 60 watts for seedlings. The "60 watt" bulbs are being sold for $2 each at Home Depot or similar stores, so this is a great option for people with tight budgets.

It is important to remove the outer glass or plastic diffuser of the bulb and make sure the LEDs are all pointing the same way. This will optimize the lighting configuration. Stick peat pots or whatever you wish inside your bucket. Its a good idea to mist the sides of bucket for humidity. You do not have to snap the lid down, just place it on top. Continue to mist as needed by the plant.

That is it! You now have a bucket chamber for starting your clones and seedlings.