Tower of mordor

Inverted buckets for maximum space and minimum supplies. Weather strip foam around the seams for flawless light blocking. 


This is my second grow and bucket build! This SB is still a work in progress (the wires are just 

BK's Space Bucket

When building this all cutouts were made using a jig saw. One thing that is different on this than others 

LED SpaceBucket

Relatively simple LED build Bucket made up of 4 semi-modular parts.  Top contains 138W UFO LED light, lined with reflective material. Top part is 

Double Bin LED UFO

Built a double garden cuttings bin Space Bucket. Here's my work breakdown: 2 Garden bins: 54cm height,52 width, 80L, ~20 

Godjah's Space Bucket

20 gallon garbage can outfitted into a space bucket. I will be increasing the height in the future, and it 


Welcome to my bucket garden! I am growing hot peppers at the moment, but I've also tried cherry tomatoes. Added 

Ssdrum's First Bucket

Hey all, I found r/spacebuckets about 3 years ago, and am finally able to make my own! I've been (for 


I decided to use a 45 Gallon metal drum instead of plastic. I bought one on Ebay that had been 

Your Stoner Neighbor Vlog

Hey friend, I'm Your Stoner Neighbor, and I hope you're having an awesome day!  I've been making some very laid 

NFT Bucket (experiment)

I had purchased three 27gal totes I wanted to use for a bucket. I wanted to go the hydroponics route