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Build your bucket

Space Buckets are easy to make, and require readily available items for construction. Total investment is about $100, depending on what materials you can recycle (see a rundown of costs here). In the Builds section you’ll find examples of great setups: the style of the containers is variable, but their gardening function is the same. Sounds interesting! Take the next step with the DIY guide.

Red links are reserved for images and various guides, while blue links refer to Amazon suggestions, which helps support this site. The table below features trusted products for Space Bucket builds. You can use the filters or the search to browse the trusted items.

Product Description Search
180W LED Light UFO LED Grow Light, good round form factor. #
26-Watt CFL 6 pack, soft white. @
23-Watt CFL 4 pack, cool white. @
E27 Socket (with leads) Coming soon @
6-Outlet Power Strip Coming soon @ #
12v 1A Power Supply 1 Ampere, good for at least 2 PC fans. @ #
White Lamp Cord 8 inches (20cm) of standard wire. Comes with a plug on one end. @
Scotch Super 33+ High Quality electrical tape. Useful for wiring and light proofing. @ # =
Assorted wire Nuts Safe way to handle splices. 107 pieces! @ # =
MassCool 8×8 PC Fan Simple ventilation solution. Use with a 12v power supply. @ #
CoolerMaster 12×12 Fan Bigger 12v fan. Careful with light leaks! @ #
4″ Inline Fan (190 CFM) Efficient ventilation solution. Includes carbon filter. @
Fan Speed Controller Useful for lowering inline fan noise. @
FoxFarm Trio Most recommended soil formula nutrients. %
FoxFarm Ocean Forest Balanced and trusted organic soil. %
5gal Smart Pots Flexible container for the plant. Comes with handles. %
pH Control Kit Up and Down solution by General Hydroponics. For soil. %
Natural Perlite No additives! Use it in your soil mix. %
Rooters Mycorrhizae A mycorrhiza is a symbiotic association between a fungus and the roots. %
Dremel Rotary Tool Kit Ideal for bucket cutting and building. Tool
Soldering Tool Kit Solder your splices for electrical safety! Tool
Lux Light Meter Find out your bucket light output. Tool
Soil pH Meter Used to test and diagnose soil pH. Tool
Caliber III Hygrometer Measures temperature and relative humidity. Important for curing! Tool
5gal (20l) White Bucket Basic container for a Space Bucket. @ #
Reflective Mylar Film 2 mil thickness, sturdy! =
Analog Timer Controls light periods for the plant. =
Elmer’s Glue Sticks Used to stick Mylar film to the walls of the bucket. =
Two-part Epoxy Putty Seal sockets (or anything) with this putty. =
4 Socket Bulb Adapter Comes already wired with a plug. Easy installation, includes a fuse. @
What a plant knows A field guide to the senses. By Daniel Chamovitz Books
The Cannabis Grow Bible The Definitive Guide to Growing Marijuana. By Greg Green Books
Marijuana Horticulture The Indoor/Outdoor Medical Grower’s Bible. by Jorge Cervantes Books
LED strip light Strip lights (300x5050SMD LEDs). Includes power supply and dimmer. @ #