There's a new trend for Space Buckets: modified builds that take advantage of hydroponics.

First we have /u/themike500 bucket build, which uses a 5gal DWC on the bottom. In this case, the lighting configuration is composed of one overhead 100w LED (which follows SAGs design), and two light strips covering the walls to get deeper into the foliage. You can learn more about this build in these threads: Part 1 (with materials details) and Part 2 (with SLT lighting and the finished product).

Another great hydro bucket example comes from /u/Vanr, who has a "dream of designing an idiot-proof container system for growing wasabi at home" (and has chosen the Space Buckets to do so). He set himself two requeriments for this build: all componentes have to be easy to find and assemble; and nothing should require special knowledge to set-up. For this hydro build, Vanr is using about 88w of CFL bulbs on top, and a whole lot of different LED light strips (5050SMD, red and warm white). Read about it here!

You can also check out a different approach by /u/Dutch420, which uses a rectangular reservoir. These are just a few examples of the hydro bucket movement, which grows every day on the friendly /r/SpaceBuckets community. As usual, every plant, bucket and user is welcome to join!