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Check out this great article by Leigh Alexander about her Space Bucket experience. Here is a short excerpt:

"As it turns out, Space Buckets are more adorable than you can believe. 'We are a community of DIY indoor gardeners with a knack for LEDs and small containers,' they say on Reddit. But they are more than a community—they are a 'movement'; they have a 'manifesto'. And they are eager to have me join them. I want to join, too, to become a quietly ingenious survivalist. The hesitant silence in my womb is actually the hunger for revolution.

Imagine me, perched at the edge of a flat rooftop, fishing fist-sized tomatoes out of one of my many Mylar-lined buckets. Me, feeding the children of the future! Imagine my newfound family, crawling across the wreckage of the urban ideal, enjoying heavy, smoke-laced feminist meditations in the starry night, grow lights dotting our reclaimed car parks and shimmering off our rain-damp tarpaulins! Other beings from distant stars would touch us briefly, to share what we have grown. This is what I imagine when I discover Space Buckets. It’s probably what you will, too, when you read the manifesto."

And also, an awesome bucket illustration by artist Darren Garrett.